03 October 2012

WIM2VHD for Windows 8!

Back in the days of Windows 7 I played arround with a script called WIM2VHD. After installing WAIK for Windows 7 on your machine you
could use a powershell script to create a working VHD file for you. This VHD file could be used for Native VHD Boot or Virtual PC. This worked
very could, the only disadvantange was the 2GB download of the latest WAIK. Now with Windows 8 and Convert-WindowsImage.ps1 there is no need to that.
After installing windows 8, there are only two things that you need. Get a copy of Convert-WindowsImage.ps1 from http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/Convert-WindowsImageps1-0fe23a8f
and have an ISO or WIM file from Windows Vista/7/8/Server 2008/2012 avaiable.  Start the script with .\Convert-WindowsImage.ps1 -ShowUI and your off.

DISM 32 bit on Windows 8 64 Bit

Windows 8 has DISM included for management of your VHD or WIM files. There is no need for downloading the WAIK first.

I tried using it for updating my own drivers in an automatic way. If you have a Dell laptop, you can download a CAB file with all your drivers from  Dell TechCenter
After downloading the file i learned that DISM on my Windows 8 64 Bit laptop is actually a 32 bit version. Why is this?


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